Sand Dunes

Swansea 2013 Meeting

Sand Dune Hydro-Ecology

South Wales 9th to 11th September 2013

The second meeting of the Sand Dune Hydro-Ecology Group took place in South Wales between the 9th and 11th of September 2013. The meeting was organised by Charlie Stratford of the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) and Debbie Allen from the British Geological Survey (BGS), and was supported by Liverpool Hope University, Natural England and Natural Resources Wales. A total of 44 delegates attended the meeting representing England, Wales, Scotland, The Netherlands and Sweden. The delegates had a broad spectrum of interests in sand dunes including policy makers, site managers, specialist consultants and academic researchers. The three days of the meeting were a mixture of presentations, interactive sessions and field visits. This report provides a high level summary of each day. PDF versions of all presentations are also available and give a lot more of the detail.


Swansea 2013 presentations and resources

Below is a list in running order of the presentations from the meeting in swansea. Some have been made available for you to.


Mon_ Charlie Stratford_ Introduction and welcome

Mon_ Paul Rooney_ Role of the sand dune and shingle network

Mon_Stuyfzand_ Hydro-logical & Hydrogeochemical patterns in Dune systems

Monday Johan Schutten, Protecting dune slacks from significant damage

Monday Karin Hernborg & Jeanette Hansson, Management for biodiversity in Swedish Dunes

Mon_Mark Whiteman et al_WFD Investigations at Methyr Mawr, South Wales 

Mon_Abesser & Hughes_ Modelling groundwater flow at Braunton Burrows

Mon_Jones_Resurvey of English Wetland Resources

Monday Graham Weaver, Evidence into action 

Mon_Prof. Ken Pye & Dr. Simon Blott_ Coastal Dune-field over stabilisation  

Mon_Earl & Dargie_Interpreting Sand Dune Habitat change at Sandwich Bay  

Monday Jonathan Brownett & Rachael Mills, Use of remote sensing to monitor sand dunes


Tuesday Edwards, Whiteford Burrows Dunes

Tues_ Grootjans_ Liparis on the Wadden sea Islands

Tues_Dr. Derek Clarke_ Hydrological extremes in dunes

Tues_Jen Ryhmes_The effects of nutrient contamination on dune slack vegetation

Tues_Pierrre Kamps & Luc Geelen_ Dessication and restoration of dune slacks


Wednesday Peter Jones, Rob Low, Gareth Farr and John Etherington, Hydrological studies at Kenfig NNR