Sand Dunes

What is the Network doing?


The Network aims to promote the exchange of information and experience in the management of coastal habitats.

The Network: 

  • offers a service to statutory agencies with actions to support the conservation of sand dunes and shingle habitats;
  • coordinates and organises regional and national events;
  • supports the sustainable management of links golf courses;
  • publishes a regular newsletter and provides resources on the website;
  • develops links with dune interests in Ireland, other European countries and worldwide;
  • carries out research and consultancy;
  • supports the Natura 2000 biogeographic process.

To the left are links to our projects and on going work of members of the network as well as a wealth of resources. There are contributions from our extensive network of members. There is a detailed (and growing) timeline of events providing an insight to the activities of the Network and how we have been fulfilling our aims. 

If you believe you have a good idea or project we can get involved with which helps satisfy our aims,  please join our network or contact us.